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High-quality Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer

Leshan is a High-quality Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer in China, and the PET blow molding machines made in China are in stable operation in more than 103 countries. We can provide a comprehensive range of services, be it molds, production machines, full production lines, CHUMPOWER offers the best solutions.
High Quality Blow Moulding Machines in China. We are also involved in designing of Special Purpose Equipment for applications in various fields like, Testing of components for automotive, railways and aerospace industries, Wind energy, Electro hydraulic servos, Hydraulic power units Our large size blow moulding machines bridge the gap between foreign and Indian ones. We offer High Quality Blow Moulding Machine featuring latest technologies at affordable prices. Moulded articles of finest quality can be consistently produced from our machine. Mr. S.T.Sekharan who spearheads the design and development activities, has over 4 decades of experience in design, manufacturing and testing of blow moulding machines, besides special purpose equipments in other fields. We employ the best of technologies, the best raw materials, the best components and the best processes resulting in reliable and efficient performance of the machine leading to production of blow moulded articles of exceptional quality.
For a person who wants to invest in a plastic bottle factory, Buying a High Quality Blow Moulding Machine with high cost performance, stable quality and timely service is an urgent task.
However ,there are so many different kinds of blow molding machine with different quality.They don’t even have perfect after-sales service .All these make people difficult to select a suitable High Quality Blow Moulding Machine. So choose a factory with economic price and good after-sales service system becomes more and more important.
Leshan is building and perfecting its after-sales service system. Including application consultation, sales to maintenance, our commitment is 24-hour response and 7 days of continue technical service support as well as one year’s quality guarantee. Foreign blow molding equipment companies have been the leader of the blow molding industry. With the development for 30 years, domestic High Quality Blow Moulding Machine have had great progress, Bester blow molding machine manufacturing level is comparable with foreign machine, so it need a higher demand on after-sales service. After Leshan selling machine, it is also responsible for the installing and training , which can follow up the repair of the High Quality Blow Moulding Machine in time. All these require the bottle machine enterprise to have perfect after – sale system.
Lehsan is the recognized leader in High Quality Blow Moulding Machine and systems. Producing the highest quality containers for a broad range of applications, container sizes and production requirements, Leshan all-electric* blow molding systems have been engineered to exceed capacities, cost and bottle quality previously thought to be unreachable.

High Quality Blow Moulding Machine
1.Automatic perform input and ready bottle output system.
2.Machine adopt with the overall structure of super-standard anti-vibration design, high-speed operation state of the machine will shake down to a minimum.
3.Machine adopts modular assembly method, greatly decrease the local amendments due to technological improvements when the machine is on processing.
4.The structure of High Quality Blow Moulding Machine oven adopt the international most advanced energy-saving technology of infrared radiation heating, temperature control with automatic negative feedback, closed-loop regulation model.
5.Automation controlling item adopts international high-end computer system, heating, collecting and measuring perform temperature with simulation input and output module.
6.Man-machine interface displays current production situation, available for on line switching, parameter modification and production accounting, with automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and diagnose.
7.Storing more than 7 kinds specification for making bottle.
8.Adopt latest international air pneumatic.
9.In order to save air, we choose high pressure blowing exhaust recovery system, which can save energy by 10-15%.
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Full automatic High Quality Blow Moulding Machine, mineral water bottled water, with PLC controlled inner bottle spraying washing, water level controlled filling, caps dosing and sorting screwing system with full automatic control.

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