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Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Leshan manufacture automatic blow molding machines for PET bottle production. Our automatic blow molding machines have wider wide-mouth capability, faster production rates, and shorter changeover times. Also have features such as preferential heating or heat-setting capability. Our Two stage Plastic PET machines can make bottles from round to flat bottle styles. With our two stage automatic blow molding machines you can produce various different shaped PET containers, such as mineral water bottle, beverage bottle, cosmetics bottle, medicine bottle, pesticide bottle, edible oil bottle, milk bottle, Juice bottle and many more types of Plastic PET Bottles.
Low labor consumption, high output, uniform bottle quality, easy and safe operation, and short changeover times make this system very efficient to operate, are the main features of our automatic blow molding machine range to meet the needs of various applications. It comes with one or two cavities and makes bottles or jars up to 5L at rates around 1200 bottles/hr. Controlled by PLC, the whole process from perform feeding to bottle discharging is complete automatically, with advantages of labor saving.

● HMI Touch Screen (Option), Incorporating with PLC System for Easy Maintenance.
● Fine Steel Slide Bars for Swift Mold Opening and Closing with Horizontal Motion of Carriages by Linear Slide Way.
● Screw Drive by the Control of Direct-mounted Gear Box and Inverter Motor.
● Mold Head with the Head Lift-Up Device for Swift Material Extrusion.
● Blowing Unit Driven by Hydraulic Motor for Changing Mold Easily − Innovative Design.

We have become a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Automatic Blow Molding Machines, these are renowned for making the best quality blow molds. These are reliable, power efficient machines that are ideal for creating hollow and thin walled plastic parts, such as containers, watering cans etc. Client's can avail the automatic blow molding machines from us as per their requirements at market competitive price.

Automatic blow molding machine is the most stable two-step automatic stretch blow moulding machine. It has one to four cavities and the maximum capacity of the products is 2L. It can blow bottles in shapes: carbonated, mineral, pesticide, cosmetics, wide-mouth, hot filling, and other packing containers, which is made of plastic of crystalline type, such as PET and PP etc.

Custom built automatic blow molding machine s are a major driver of innovation at Leshan and we have the experience and know-how to help you achieve your specific production requirements. Deliver the reliable, quality, and cutting edge technology automatic blow molding machine is the quality that has made CM one of the best choice in blow molding industry all over the world.

Automatic blow molding machines are fully automatic and highly versatile machines for mass production of PET bottles and jars with approximately 200-6000ml volumes. These machines are ideal for large scale factories and applications where stringent quality requirements must be met. Out latest generation automatic blow molding machine lines achieve substantial reductions in operating costs through huge savings in manpower

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