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PP Blow Molding Machine

PP blow molding machine is specially designed for hospital and dairy product package because the purity of the blowing air is the most outstanding point of the PP blow molding machine. The "STATIC DUST-REMOVING SYSTEM" removes tiny dust from performs in the course of automatic conveyor sending preforms. Long preform baking tunnel meets requirements of "GRADUAL HEATING" to have heating quality of performs. MG-PP overcomes many technical constrains and perfects its function of purifying the blowing air ideally, and now it has already become an ideal equipment for hospital liquid medicine package and most popular container for dairy products without pollution.
PP blow molding machine adopt with the overall structure of super-standard anti-vibration design, high-speed operation state of the machine will shake down to a minimum.
After the bottles are formed in the blowing cycle, they are removed and the cycle continues. The finished bottles are then loaded directly onto a conveyor for filling or can be stored for later use.
We all use 304 stainless steel or food level material to ensure the high quality of our PP blow molding machine. PLC control system is used and electric parts are using famous brand like Mitsubishi Siemens Schneider and so on.

This PP blow molding machine is suitable for mineral water bottle, carbonated beverage bottle, daily chemical bottle, medicine bottle etc less than 2000ml.
Use the advanced touch-screen computer control, easy operation, stable quality and high safety.
The production process is finished by the automatic micro-computerized control, only need one operator.

Control system
The control system is the key of PP blow molding machine. Together with HITECH Man-Machine Interaction (MMI) control panel with user-friendly, the whole control system presents super performance with precise control, convenient parameter setup, obvious display and reasonable memory.

1. Feeding system carries the preform automatically.
2.Static dust-removing system remove tiny dust in performs.
3.Suit to produce 0.05 ~ 1.5L narrow neck PP container
4.Advanced PLC control system with a use friendly control panel
5.Reliable sensor system monitor PP blow molding machine 's auto running
6.Equipped with special designed air storage unit
7.Powerful heating unit with precision control and specially designed preform long baking tunnel.
8.Cooling system to get perfect cooling result
9.Compact structure to save space

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