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High Speed Blow Molding Machine manufacturer

Leshan is a High Speed Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer

is one specialty blows makes PET to model the bottle two step completely automatic to blow the bottle equipment, may blow 0.2-2L, is suitable in blows the system carbonic acid beverage bottle, the mineral spring thermos, the agricultural medicine bottle, the cosmetics bottle and so on, this machine serviceability is broad, the price can be reliable, the stability is good, the security is good.

High Speed Blow Molding Machine is used to produce all kinds of the hollow plastic containers for foods, toys, beverages, medicines, chemical products, pesticides, detergents, etc with material of PE,PP,PVC from 10ml to 2000L,such as water bottles, milk bottles, medical bottles, oil bottles, plastic balls, cosmetic bottles, lubricant bottles, plastic containers. The machines are low investment, high efficiency, quick and safe operation, easy for trouble shooting, maintenance and other benefit.

High Speed Blow Molding Machine adopts the high definition TFT touch scream display, which can easily make the languages conversion and give the operation order through multi-level menu with pictures and text mode. The production speed, shift production, technical parameters and etc are displayed in the different level menus, which has a good man/machine interface while it is convenient for the operation.

The High Speed Blow Molding Machine is suitable for producing high quality container with medium output. With from one to six fold diehead, for use in the packaging of petroleum, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, toys and auto-parts. The clamping system is a high-precision single-station linear guide, extrusion system using a hard gear reducer and inverter imported from Japan. The die head system adopts central-incoming extrusion die made of special steel, imported hydraulic valve and seal parts with proportional control valve. The control system consists of PLC and Human-machine interface imported from Japan, an automatic temperature control module and imported electrical parts.

A prominent manufacturer of High Speed Blow Molding Machine always produce excellent quality of blow moulding machines to exactly suit the requirements of our clients. We are masters in manufacturing flat as well as round bottom bottles. These bottles are multipurpose, can be used for packing cosmetics, milk juce, Chemicals and so on.
The main feature of the High Speed Blow Molding Machine is bottles produced by us are of uniform quality. Our machines can produce bottles of different capacities from 10 ml to 10 liters with single cavity, double cavity.
Suitable for producing High Speed Blow Molding containers and bottles of wine, drink, soybean, vinegar and pesticide (less than 10 liters)
Adopts double crank to adjust mold, heavy locking mold, stable and fast, adopts infrared oven to heat the preform, the preform rotated and heated equally
Air system has been divided into two parts: pneumatic action part and bottle blow part to meet the different requirements for the action and blow, can provide sufficient and steady high-pressure for blowing large irregular shaped bottles

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