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Semi Blow Molding Machine

We are professional Semi Blow Molding Machine factory and supplier in China.We can produce Semi-Automatic Blow Molding Machine according to your requirements. More types of Semi-Automatic Blow Molding Machine wanted, please contact us right now!
Semi Blow Molding Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc.
Beverage bottle, cosmetic bottle, medicine bottle, jar etc.
blowing and Pneumatic system: Simple operation and high control precision, bottle blow unit is equipped with specially designed PLC control system. It controls the whole bottle production process through a soft touch pad with time control precision up to 0.01 second; Pneumatic unit provides power for machine movements including Semi Blow Molding Machine driving and bottle blowing.

Main Features
1. After preform injection, the heat is used for bottle blowing, no need of preform packaging, storage, reh- eating and other working procedures.
2. Less land occupation, simple management, high degree of automation, less labor intensify (1 person can control more than 3 machines).
3. With a temperature adjustable station, suitable for complicated shape, difficult forming products (such as PP IV-solution bottles).
4.The compact structure greatly shortens the production cycle and enhances productivity.
5.Adopt variable pump and servo motor, maximally reduce energy consumption.
6.The replacement of the mold cost is far lower than similar foreign equipment.
Semi Blow Molding Machine is for plastic bottles, which is especially good for ice pop type LDPE plastic bottles. The material could be HDPE/LDPE/PP etc. Our rotational machine is most famous product in China market as well as international plastic industry. It could work with efficiency and stable operation. It is widely accepted by most customers. It is suitable for ice pop, jelly, milk bottles. We are proud to present you the best rotational Semi Blow Molding Machines in China as well as foreign countries.

1. Controlled by MITSUBISHI touch screen computer. Operate consistently and simply.
2. Pneumatic elements from FESTO (German) and SMC (Japan)
3. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly design. Mechanical units are compact and rational.
4. Malfunction alert and diagnostic units allow easy maintenance.
Semi Blow Molding Machine produce different shapes of PET/PC/PE bottles. It can blow from 100ml to 6000ml bottles and is widely used to produce mineral water bottles, carbonater soft drink bottles, juice bottles, medical botties, cosmetic and oil bottles etc.

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