All-electric type Blow Molding Machine

1.Full-electric for the blow molding machine, energy saving and environment protection. Energy reduced 50%~60% if comparing with hydraulic blowing machine.

2.Full-electric digital control to achieve precise position. position accuracy for mold movement improve to 0.03mm from 0.05mm(Hydraulic machine).

3.Most efficient energy utilization realized by full-electric digital control system. Servo motor drive machine directly, reduce the energy consumption during energy conversion process for hydraulic machine.

4.Shorten cycle time. 19.6s is realizable for product.

5. Save labor cost. With three axes servo driven robots, it’s able to reduce 2 workers for each machine. Saving staff wage and management cost therefore.

6. Meet highly hygienic standard. Full electric driven blow molding machine is more suitable for the application of food, beverage, medicine etc. which has strict hygienic requirement.

7.Utility model patents and know how is applying to this machine.

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